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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Giving Thanks to some of the most wonderful people in my world...

In the spirit of giving thanks for the blessings in my artistic life I want to present the some of the best people in my little felting world.
When I started and through out this artistic endeavor I had a lot of support from women and I want to acknowledge these amazing wonderful people.
Nilda my sister who saw what I was doing and said " You know these are really good you could sell these." Now this statement was very important to me because my sister is a straight shooter (some would say blunt) and if she says its good, its good. She also single handedly runs Kerr Advertising which is a pretty amazing feat.
Angie and Jennifer who were my very first customers. I made them both Santas in 2011 and they insisted on paying for them, wow what a feeling!
Lisa Angell from Boutiliers Art Center who has given me unfailing support and was the very first store in Vermont to display and sell my felt.
 Natacha Luizzi at Brown Dog Books and Gifts in Hinesburg. Brown Dog was the second store in Vermont to carry my work and has been ever since she emailed me after  my friend Laurie Brown (who by the way owns Triple Loop) gave her my card.
Mary Heinrich Aloi from Vintage Inspired Market Place who took a chance on me teaching needle felting classes at her store.
Joanne Kalisz from Happy Fantastic who has become my friend. She has offered support and advice ever since I showed my work on my Iphone at the BeCause craft show.
Laura Hale from Found Beauty Studio who found my facebook page and I think was one of my very first fans. She became my friend and mentor. Not to mention she is one of the funniest people I know and has my similarly skewed sense of humor.
Bradie Hansen of Jabo and Belles who has been my partner is crime when it comes to wool experimentation. She and I met after we emailed each other on etsy when we saw that we were both in the same area of Vermont. I don't know what I would do with out her and this next gal...
Leslie Lewis of Ewe Who Farm. My friend and first local wool supplier. Fabulous quilter, knitter, dyer and friend.
Carol Farmer and the gals from Mountain Fiber Folk. These ladies freely share ideas, techniques and have some of the best wool in Vermont.
Molly Molly who was my very first sale on etsy. God I love that girl.
Laura Amedio who was my first out of state repeat customer. There were times when I would think what the heck am I doing and then Laura would pop up and say I would like to order....
Amy and Mark Yandow from Sugar Tree Maple Farm who had me set up a table at their sugar house during Maple Open House. They are some of the most fabulous people that you will meet. Go buy your maple sugar from them.
Megan Humphrey and Moe O'Hara who run the Women's Festival of Crafts. They run the best  women's craft fair in the Burlington area and the biggest one I have ever done.
Vermont Handcrafters who juried me in, introduced me to some of the most wonderful artists and has been a wonderful support and resource.
Ellen Thompson from Grand Isle Art Works who sought me out to sell my work at the store. She and her husband are the reason there is goats in my repertoire.
The thing that all these folks have in common besides be a great support to me is that they are all small business owners. Everyday they go to work at a business that they created and shaped. So for small business day and for the rest of the year please support them. They offer wonderful products and service from Vermont. You will be thankful to know them. I know I sure am.