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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's my Birthday and I"ll Felt if I want to...

So it's my 49th birthday and I have well wishes on my Facebook profile that tell me to have a terrific day.
Hmmmm, so what shall I do with my day? I will start a felting blog.Now I am not great at blogging. I have another blog, a food blog that I abandoned a year ago. Of course it had nothing to do with my business and it is hard to be witty about cooking when your family is not really into eating.
Felting wool is another matter. A really great day is when I did a wet felting experiment that came out terrific or someone buys or orders something or one of my creatures emerges out of the wool.
I would much rather spend time creating things then marketing or building up my Internet stores or telling stories about food that my family won't eat. I am in heaven when I get new wool from my friends Leslie or Carol because its local and I like my farmer friends. I like them very much.
So today I will pick vegetable matter out of some wool, take a few photographs of new wool critters and start a new project. I have a few racing around in my head. A donkey mask, a felt scarf with pink and red tulips growing up the sides. Or possibly a bird, a robin or woodpecker.
It will be wonderful to tell these stories, the felting stories. So check off starting a felting blog.
I just got an email from a customer and she loved her item. It is really starting to be a terrific day.