The Gnomes

The Gnomes
the gnomes

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crazy Summer

Well summer started off with a bang. The pixie got out of school on June 17 and we were off and running. We spent a wonderful 2 weeks with our friends from Wales, UK and went to a conference where I donated a playscape to raffle off.

I was really happy that it raised over 100 dollars for the VACTERL Family Network. My daughter has VACTERL association and the network and its conference has been a real life saver for us. The best part is that we get to meet people just like us like our friends from Wales and new friends who are from Vermont! How insane is it that we had to go to Boston to meet a VACTERL family that is 2 towns away from us!
When we got home I got busy with making some costume pieces for the Flynn Theater for Shrek the Musical. Can you guess what characters these are for?

There will also be a gnome hat making an appearance some where in that musical but you will have to go to spot it.
Next up is the Waterbury Arts Fest this weekend. Then I will be up in the Islands for the Annual Trunk Show and Sale at Grand Isle Art Works  July 27 and 28.
As always the internet shops at Etsy and Meylah are always open at
Cheers to a happy summer,